Saturday, January 05, 2008

Breakfast menu

Dill Cheddar Scone with Ham and Cream Cheese
Fresh Fruit Salad or Sliced Fruit Tray

$9.25 per person, 20 person minimum

If you're nervous about setting a budget for your party, see what the experts would do. This breakfast menu from a local caterer gives me a great starting point.

With my free labor, we can definitely beat that price!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!

I'll be watching to see how you duplicate.


Renee said...

Ha Ha! I read the top and thought that total was very very high for you! I get it now! Looking forward to your real total with your real talent!

Amy Ellen said...

Wow, I have been seriously under charging if that is what people charge for that small amount. Yikes, thats okay, I did more of it for the experience at the time, then for big earning. And I even provide all the teapots, tablecloths, sliverware, plates, teacups, napkins, etc....
at least 3 savories, 3 sweets, 2 kinds of scones, lemon curd, whipped cream, 2 kinds of tea, one decaf, one regular. Anyway.....

I am absolutely positive after reading your blog that you will come up with something delightful yet less expensive then the local cater would have done. I have loved your great ideas, and look forward to reading about this one.


Shannon said...

This is such a sweet gift and it will be so meaningful to the bride - us Southern girls like a pretty snack while we get ourselves pretty:)
I'm searching your archives again this morning - this time for funeral arrangement ideas. We lost a dear aunt this week. I was planning on doing my own flowers, but I think I'll also do a muffin basket for their breakfast before the funeral. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas for being gracious and kind - I always find so much inspiration here.

Anonymous said...

Even if you simply bought scones in the bakery section of a grocery store and bought the pre-assembled fruit trays from the same grocery store, you'd still come in at a lower per person amount.

Yeeeeehaaaa......let the bargain catering fun begin ;)

Can't wait to watch this unfold!


p.s.I've been a bridesmaid in a ton of weddings and I can tell you anything "carby" is good when you're sitting and getting your hair done, as you've likely either had several glasses of wine at the rehearsal dinner the night before or you didn't get enough sleep AND you know you aren't going to have time to eat lunch before the actual ceremony. Carb loading is the key.

Betty Canuck said...

I did a lot of 'Dessert' catering. I once did 2000 deserts for $200 (CND) in supplies. That was for a school fundraiser. Its amazing what you can do if you think and are willing to put your elbow grease into the end product.

Convenience costs, both in price and flavour!

I hope you have so much fun with this!

[The reason I had to quit doing my business was because they changed Food Regulations, the cost comes from trying to please all of the requirements and legislation put in by the Health Unit. Not that I mind, but I simply couldn't afford to build a completely separate kitchen that I would never use except for business and so my business was closed.]

Someone Beautiful said...

I too was stunned by the price until I realized that you weren't going to be spending that much per person! :) I look forward to seeing how you put it together! :) Hospitality is something I've become rusty on and have been working on again lately.

It's a Mom Thing said...

No doubt! When is the wedding? I can't wait to hear more about your service/gift to the bride.

laurel said...

I too, thought you were saying that was your cost per person...and I knew that couldn't be right! I love to see how you are able to make something so elegant, for so little (cost wise). Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Heather Anne said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! I have a raisin scone recipe on my blog that is very old but very popular - you are welcome to check it out!

My husband has to organize the yearly dinner for his historical society in May and the cost of catering is just going up so much that many of the 'fixed income' folks just don't have the money to attend - it is such a shame! This year's dinner is $16 per plate and the caterer is completely untested so who knows what we'll be 'enjoying'!!! I so wish I had good health and your skills for thrift - I'd love to try my hand at it! I have cooked for a kids camp of 500, and co-ordinated funeral lunches as a pastors wife - often with 200 people in attendance. We have had dinner parties for about 40 in our home, but a three course hot meal for 25 picky couples seems a bit beyond my ability right now. It would be fun though!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

You're definitely giving this bride a wonderful gift, as well as saving her a significant amount of money! I understand why the cost per person from an actual caterer would cost so much (overhead, staff salaries, profit...), but it's still so expensive!

I can't wait to see the pictures of your bridal brunch. All those serving pieces you pictured earlier are just gorgeous. I don't doubt the bride will just love what you're doing!

Anonymous said...


When is the wedding?


Meredith said...

3 weeks from today!

Anonymous said...

One of the other gals mentioned carbs, but I'm all about the protein and fat! I liked the caterer's menu because it had ham, cheddar, and cream cheese, all of them good choices because they have some "staying power" in terms of staving off hunger, taking a while to metabolize, and keeping the bride and bridesmaids from getting faint and/or hypoglycemic (from too many sugary carbs)!! Don't want anything like that happening on the wedding day!

Unknown said...

I say check the farmer's market to see what they might have that is freshest right now.

I know you can find amazing deals, and I'm eager to see what you come up with.