Friday, December 14, 2007

Maple sugaring

Apparently, we're testing if it can be done this far south.

That's what I get for taking away the lead-tainted toys: now he gets his own hammer from the toolbox and finds a McDonald's cup in the ditch. Great.


Edi said...

Whenever I start feeling like my kids don't have enough toys or might be lonely - I just remember how little the pioneers had period...let alone toys for their children.

They either did real work or made up their own fun.

Looks like your son has no problem coming up with his own entertainment.

Anonymous said...

He's creative, just like his mom! When my husband was a little guy they didn't have money for toys so he used a Spam can to plow "roads" in the dirt.

Sarah said...

That's too funny. I'm sure that cup is completely lead-free though, so that's good!

Anonymous said...

HAHA actualy it should be tapped the first warm day right after a hard winter when the sap is "running" : )

Shannon said...

I love his ingenuity and that you "let" him follow his ideas. I have such a hard time not raining on Levi's parade sometimes.

Patti said...

Whatever you do, don't let him talk you into boiling it down to see what happens. I learned the hard way, it will make your whole house smell like dirty socks.