Monday, December 10, 2007

Sugarcoating it

Down South we like to add sugar to our tea and sweetness to our conversation. Find out why I think getting to know store employees will help you find better bargains.

Above, this tiny gingerbread kit from Dollar General comes with four tubes of frosting, candies, and architectural details made of icing.

At only $2, it's my best pick for children's gift exchanges this season.


Anonymous said...

I wish I knew how to post pictures, but I don't. So I will just have to tell you about the 'gingerbread' houses my day care kids made. I did not want to spend a lot of money, I knew it was more important the kids have the 'experence' of building the house than to actually bake the gingerbread...I used graham crackers to let the kids build a house. I made a lot of simple icing and colored it in RED and GREEN as well as some in white. I used left over Halloween candy to let the kids put on the house. It was a cute simple craft for the Christmas 'experience' in day care.
Thanks for the blog. Roxie

Jennifer @ Fruit of My Hands said...

How fun! My son made one at school this year, but he ate it while waiting for me to pick it up (in the whole 2 minutes he waited, lol.)

Meredith said...

Roxie, I agree--the graham cracker versions are just as good and even cheaper if you are doing it in bulk.

Even though I have Halloween candy stashed somewhere around here, I was thrilled when someone gave us this tiny kit.

Just small enough for little hands to make before losing interest, with everything you need in one little box.

TracyMichele said...

Is that little house sitting on a mound of sugar? OUCH... my teeth hurt just looking at it. Although, it IS adorable. :)

Marva said...

I have to get tot he Dollar General. These are too cute and great for my 20 month old twins to help mommy with! :)