Saturday, December 01, 2007

Christmas hospitality

Elizabeth from Real Learning reminds us of the difference between entertaining and hospitality.


Vintage Whimsy Studio said...

Meredith - just found you today by wandering around the bloggity world. I don't do that often, but it is quiet around here today, my girls are at a birthday party, and I wanted to "visit" with some other Christian moms. I appreciate the thoughts in the post about the difference between entertaining and hospitality . . . good reminder this time of year! And your thoughts on about simplifying the holidays are such a gift to so many of us as we try so hard to do it all - for everyone - and then get discouraged when we can't! Thanks for the great reminders! Nina

Anonymous said...

Meridith I just read the lines on hospitality versus entertaining.
I wish I had read it years ago.
Would have saved me many tears as I tried to live up to an image.
Here I am at an age where I could be your mom and I am learning from you.
God Bless You

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing this post. I once read that "entertaining" is about "me", but "hospitality" is about "you". Good thoughts to keep in mind this holiday season!

pomo housewife said...

Yes, it was a good post. The quote about Christian vs secular made me so angry that I almost stopped reading, but I didn't, which is good, because Elizabeth's own sentiments were warm, and to the point. (I don't think my secular hospitality is any less warm for being motivated by love for my fellow human beings rather than a deity.)

Meredith said...

Nina, I'm so glad you stopped by. Welcome!

Ernestine, I think you should start your own blog! I'm sure you would have a lot to teach all of us.

POMO housewife, I think you're right. Guests can definitely sense your motivation, whether it is faith-based or not. Being a Christian does not automatically make you a humble hostess.

Believe me, I should know!

pomo housewife said...

I should add, I'm just as guilty for making blanket assumptions about religious people, too: I don't know where this judgemental streak has come from, but lately I seem to be passing judgement - particularly on the web, where often you only get part of the story - and taking people's comments too personally.

Your quiet, positive attitude and creative home-making is an inspiration, Meredith. I visit almost every day and am always so pleased to read something new.

threelilmnms said...

Thank you for posting this link. I wasn't able to post a comment for her, but I was so blessed through her post. Thank you! Leinani