Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Vintage purchase

Don't you just love those little old lady thrift stores, where every scrap of ribbon is carefully folded and tagged .05?

I don't know which tickled me more: this 25-cent book on Christmas Decorations from the Williamsburg Folk Art Collection or the blue Woolworth bag the clerk slipped it in.

(The Williamsburg book looks to be a great source for simple nature ornaments and animal patterns, should you ever run across a copy.)


Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Maybe you could take a picture of some of these ornaments for those of us who are creativity challenged?
I love those vintage Christmas how-to books. I still use a sugar cookie recipe out of one from the 50's.

The Mom said...

I love these stores. I have the advantage that my daughter works on a Saturday in one of those stores and she usually comes home well laden with goods.

Jane said...

Those stores are so rare in LA. They were the highlight of my recent vacation to Central CA. The old ladies are always so friendly too.

I just got an old sewing book (old the 80's yikes I can't believe thats now old!) and the patterns are true to size because they don't assume that everyone has a scanner or a copier handy. That alone has saved me!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the feeling you had about the Woolworth bag. Similarly, I have been overtaken by the feeling of nostalgia...when I found needlework magazines from 1969-1972, & spent an entire Sunday afternoon looking through them. And, because I am an avid knitter, I was thrilled to find an entire skein of wool Red Heart yarn. To the best of my knowledge, they make only acrylic now. I so enjoyed using the yarn...& I saved the paper band that was around it to put on my bulletin board!


Patty said...

Love the woolworth bag !

Anonymous said...

I love the woolworth bag. I loved to go as a little girl into woolworths to shop with my mom or grandma.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with your Woolworth Bag! I'm sure my 89 yo Grams has some neatly folded in a drawer somewhere that are probably...hmmm...50 years old!!! That sure brought back memories!!