Friday, October 26, 2007

In my library bag: Hello, Fruit Face!

If the "Library Bag" feature has nearly disappeared of late, blame my lack of good picks. The only great title we've checked out in a while is a small children's art book called Hello, Fruit Face! The Paintings of Guiseppe Arcimboldo.

His paintings depict the four seasons and other natural phenomena as incredibly realistic figures. Your children will be fascinated! amazed! repulsed! We studied the details for hours. The text gives easy-to-understand historical background and great discussion starters.

Oh, and if you ever see a secondhand copy of Hello, Fruit Face? Snatch it up. Amazon's start at $120. Used.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, our library doesn't have Fruit Face or anything with keyword Arcimboldo.

But if I see it thrifting, I'll get it!


Anonymous said...

If you just want to give your children a taste of Arcimboldo's art, you can use google images at this link:

And this one seems to be a description of his work:


Amy said...

Wow, I bet that is some fine if you lose it ;) I would put it under my pillow and sleep on it to make sure it didn't get lost :)

I will hunt for this at our library- thanks for the great book suggestion.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a wonderful, interesting book! If you & your children liked this, you may also enjoy the "Look Alike" books by Joan Steiner. One of my daughters can't get enough of them!