Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WFMW: Brand Loyalty

I'm reluctant to enter Works For Me Wednesdays much these days. Is it just me, or have all the good ideas been submitted already?

But Shannon won me back with this week's theme, Brand Loyalty. My husband jokes that our house is like a consumer lab, with a constant stream of secondhand finds being tested, loved, or sent right back out through Craig's List.

Here are the brand names I buy whenever I find them--at a price I can afford:

  • MacLaren strollers
    I've owned Graco, Combi, Peg Perego and even an Emmajunga pram. MacLaren is the most comfortable stroller that also folds flat. Plus, its handles are tall enough for my husband. Mine cost $15 at the Unclaimed Baggage Outlet.
  • Hannah Andersson and Sweet Potatoes brand knit clothing
    It's true. The fabric is softer and longer lasting. I can pull these European cottons on a Salvation Army rack by touch alone.
  • Chicos Traveler's Knit Clothing
    Perhaps not the stylish choice for a 30-something, but you can leave an outfit on a pile on the floor and wear it the next day without a single wrinkle. Or, pull it from the washer and wear it damp. It will be dry in 5 minutes.
  • L.L. Bean brand backpacks
    They stand behind their lifetime guarantee. You'd be surprised how many families sell these backpacks at summer yard sales.
  • I'm rarely brand loyal at the grocery, but we do buy Charmin and Hellman's mayonnaise (or Duke's, whichever is on sale).

    It's a Mom Thing said...

    Good advice. It's funny because I was thinking if I "played" in WFMW today, the only two things I would put are Duke's mayo and Charmin tp.

    Anonymous said...

    The only things I would put on there are: Scott toilet paper, Hellman's mayo and Dove soap. I'm really only loyal to low prices!

    Miranda said...

    I'm with you on the L.L.Bean backpacks. I finally bought all my kids backpacks through was a bit pricey, but since my kids are so young I know I will get my money's worth. Great post!

    TracyMichele said...

    I grew up in Maine and living on LLBean products. They really do stand behind their products (I have them on my list today as well). Just a note.. if you find a bag already monogrammed, buy it anyway. With a little time and some effort, you can remove the initials and have it re-done with your own.

    Jeana said...

    My friend and I have chuckled about "Clean with vinegar!" Great tip, but it's on WFMW EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

    TheNormalMiddle said...

    I never do WFMW anymore because it has become so huge that all people do is try and get links. I used to play along every week and I love Shannon's blog, but I no longer participate.

    What am I brand loyal to?

    I couldn't agree more about LL Bean & Hanna Anderson. I would throw Lands End into the mix as well, especially for high quality swim suits.

    I am loyal to my Bounty paper towels esp. when I can stock up on sale.

    I love my crocs and my nike shox...I love them so much I'd rather buy expensive but good shoes than cheap knock offs anyday.

    I'm a dell loyalist when it comes to PC's. I've had 3 dell computers and they outshine the PC market by a great deal. I'm getting ready to buy a notebook, but it isn't a dell and I can't say yet which one it will be! :)

    Hyperactive Lu said...

    Great info!

    Anonymous said...

    Big LL Bean fan here too. The quality is just awesome.

    3boysmama said...

    I'm interested what you didn't like about peg perego. I have one that i love, I like the toddler step and that it can fit a infant car seat. It also fold up like an umbrella stroller.

    Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

    Hey, now! I thought I was pretty darned original the week I posted about how to get a terrified cat into his carrier for a trip to the vet's. No vinegar involved, although that might make it more interesting! ;-)

    I started participating in WFMW a few weeks ago (I'm still a bit of a blogging baby, so I'm late to the party), but I've been wondering if it's worth it since it's become so huge.

    My college roommate had an LL Bean backpack. That thing never fell apart! And I totally agree on the Hellman's mayo! I was fortunate to get 2 big jars last week for 88 cents each!

    Anonymous said...

    Columbia winter jackets -- dh and I have had ours for over a decade and they still look like new, and I'm sure we'll keep them for another decade.

    I'm honestly coming up with a blank for grocery items ... to be honest, I've grown loyal to several of the Member's Mark items at Sam's Club (toilet paper, Wind Fresh detergent, dishwasher soap, garbage bags, diapers, wipes). We've gotten used to many of the private label brands. :-)

    Jenny's Vegcafe said...

    I thought I'd leave a comment here but couldn't think of much that I am brand loyal to... and then I remembered my hubby is very particular about his stuff... so then I had to blog about that because it took up too much room here. So, I guess I'm commenting on a comment I wanted to leave but didn't.
    Oh, one thing I love although I don't know if I'm loyal to it..
    Sauvitel fabric softener in the blue bottle. It smells so good!

    Cara said...

    I'm going to *have* to check out that mayo LOL!

    I'm right there with Hanna Andersson clothing, we have found some great Gymboree at the thrift store, but never Hannas. We're a Scott TP family as well; I'm a big fan of changing the roll the least amount possible.

    Cara (who doesn't like to clean with vinegar)

    SAHMmy Says said...

    Just got a Hannah Andersson catalogue and was wondering how simple cotton knit could be so expensive! Thanks to your tip, I'll be on the lookout to score some cheaply (no way am I ordering it direct, though!)

    Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

    I like that you pointed out that you can get the nice stuff at thrift stores and such. I am brand loyal to a few things but I don't buy even that unless I can get a good deal on it! (My stuff for my WFMW post was Coke, Scott TP, Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover, Gap Long and Lean Jeans, and Van Camp's Pork and Beans.) said...

    See now, you need to come up and visit with me... We have a Hanna Andersson outlet and a Chico's outlet just a few minutes away! Let's shop :)

    Indie Pereira said...

    Speaking of Hanna Andersson, a friend from church who volunteers at a thrift store just brought me a bag of stuff and there was a new with tags pair of Hanna sweat pants. I checked the website and they retail for $32. I see Hanna in the thrift stores a lot. Since I look through the catalog and website from time to time I can usually spot them on the rack visually. I also like Land's End but seldom find it at thrift stores.

    3boysmama said...

    Yes, and I have to ask, what the big deal is with mayo? I have never tasted a difference! What is it??? Now i have tried the lowfat and nonfat (disgusting), but kraft tastes the same to me as any other.

    I don't think i've ever seen dukes or hellmans.

    Mary Ann said...

    I'm not very brand-loyal but we like Scott tp, the real Brillo pads, and I do not like any store-brand feminine products! My husband is loyal to Arrid deodorant and if we buy frozen pizza, it has to be Red Baron and when we buy his favorite Hot Pockets-they have to be Hot Pocket brand. We are partial to New Balance shoes.

    Anonymous said...

    For me, it's clothes: Talbot's, Liz Claiborne, and Eddie Bauer, all of which I find thrifting.

    A thrifty friend once said, "I feel taller and slimmer when I wear Liz Claiborne clothes."

    -- Jora

    Debbie J said...

    I have to agree heartily about the LL Bean Backpacks. My son (now 20) went through packpacks like you wouldn't believe, even EastPacks, until we ordered an LLBean one. I got it on sale and had his name put on it free (If you use their LLBean Credit Card, you get free shipping and monogramming). He STILL has it!!! It was worth every penny and saved a lot of money in the long run. For other stuff, I'm loyal to store brands, unless they are bad, which some are!!! (do love Duke's Mayo though)