Sunday, August 19, 2007

How To Make A Pirate Cake

How did I miss that Joy In The Journey is back to blogging?
Don't you miss her homemade pirate ship cake, though. I never realized Playmobil figures make such incredible cake toppers!


Green Tea & Kimchee said...

That's the cake I made for our youngest's 5th. It was such a fun cake. It let me see how I could use small action figures for decoration and as one of the gifts. Maybe a Pokemon action scene for when he turns 6!

I made my ship cake on top of a large sheet cake which served as the ocean, the ship itself makes a rather small cake if you have others attending the birthday party.

Kim said...

I love this cake!!! My son is just about to turn seven. This will be perfect. I could also make maps and have a real buried treasure in the back yard!!!

Green Tea & Kimchee said...

Maine Mama, we used paper bags for maps. We "aged" them with coffee groundsand wrinkled them up a lot before we tore the edges.

We also made a pirate ship out of a cardboard box, swashbuckling swords out of cardboard, made eye patches out of felt, and asked the visitors to wear bandanas.

Mrs. Pharris said...

DS's 7th birthday party was pirate themed as well. That is the age for it, I suppose.

In case of inclimate weather, get a large plastic tub and a slotted spoon. A huge cheapo bag of rice we used puffed wheat cereal so we could feed it to the birds afterwards - and individually wrapped candy or goodies. Each child gets 30 seconds or so to dig for treasure.

The kiddos at my son's party absolutely loved it and begged to do it again and again, even asking me to rehide what they'd found so they could find it all over again!