Saturday, July 07, 2007

What to do with a stump

Stump grinding is expensive. Here are a couple of photos I took that show cheap--but creative--things to do with that stump in your yard:

The Grassmere historic gardeners placed a bird bath atop this stump. It works because the basin is as wide as the stump itself. You might also find a shallow copper bowl or galvanized metal trough. Native plants disguise the base for a natural look.

My favorite: the Ellington Agricultural Center's painted checkerboard stump. The gardeners added log stools (cut from the upper portion of the tree) for casual seats around the stump.


Anonymous said...

My DH rented a stump grinder for the weekend ... it wasn't cheap -- about $100. But he, and our next-door neighbor worked on our yard and the next door yard. I think we estimated they ground out about 30 stumps that weekend ... some from 25' pine trees and some from slender, spindly trees.


Anonymous said...

When we lost a tree in a storm a few years go we had no choice but to cut it all the way down as it was split. It made me sad because it had been such a pretty tree and gave our yard so much shade. My husband cut the tree stump off level and I placed a large teracotta saucer on it. Just the bottom of a clap pot. I pad a little over 10.00 for it and it lasted many years. Then the stump had rotted enough to pull out of the ground. We planted a new tree in the same spot and it looks beautiful again. Thanks so much for sharing your blog. It is very nice. Roxie

Mama Squirrel said...

We went with a birdbath and three potted plants.

Anonymous said...

The checkerboard is a cool idea. I'm going to make one of these for the interpretive center at the State Forest I'm working at this summer.

screendoorgirl3 said...

Cute ideas. I can't resist rescuing a good stump when I see one. I live in New Jersey and unfortunately there were quite a few piled up after Hurricane Sandy. I think of it as recycling.Thanks for sharing!