Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Inexpensive ice cream dessert

My mom didn't want a cake. That was fine by me; I was tired from all that salad making. Let me share our favorite new dessert: Publix sherbet. They come in unusual flavors like this Peach Mango Passion, which tastes AMAZING. The best part? Quarts were on sale 4/$5. One quart would easily serve 2 scoops to 8 guests.

Tip: You can pre-scoop your sherbet before guests arrive. Just freeze individual scoops on waxed paper.

My other favorite sweet find: Aldi's Cream Wafer Rolls, at $1.99 a can. They look too rich to be so inexpensive. Then again, they taste too rich to be healthy! Break each roll into two pieces to accent each sherbet. One can contains about 30 wafer rolls.

Please click here for the complete "tea room lunch at home" menu.


Diane said...

I love the wafer rolls - particularly the chocolate hazelnut ones. They make anything look more elegant, at a price I can afford!

Amy said...

I hadn't tried the wafer rolls before. I will have to try those. I saw them advertised in this week's ad so it is nice to hear a review of them!!

Too bad we don't have a Publix :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love cream wafer rolls, I'm goign to have to look for those at our Aldi's. And that mango sherbert sounds heavenly -- so sad we don't have Publix here!

Anonymous said...

So, $7 would give you enough sherbet and wafers for 32 guests! With about 12 wafers left over! Wow!

And I am grateful for the pre-freezing sherbet tip.

We don't have Aldi's or Publix here, but I can find something similar to duplicate this dessert next time the in-laws come to visit.

Thanks again for another good idea.

Anonymous said...

The Dollar Tree also has the wafer rolls in a wide variety of flavors.

Unknown said...

My dad lives in West Palm and whenever I see him I must have that sherbet! It is amazing. I am in NYC do u know anywhere up North where I can find it????? Do they ship it?