Friday, July 27, 2007

How To Live Well On Less

I would like to thank all our readers who participated in this week's course! Your comments truly enriched our study.

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The Ladies' Finishing School will continue at The Merry Rose and Charming The Birds From The Trees. If you're just now joining us, below are links to each of our lessons on how to live well on less:

Lesson 1: Start Small * Begin With Breakfast * Note
Lesson 2: Budgets * Managing Servants
Lesson 3: Purchasing * Good, Better, Best
Lesson 4: Home Decoration * Best Buys * Reviving Furniture
Lesson 5: Finishing Touches * Frugal Bibliography

Postscript: How To Live Well On Less...With Kids And No Energy


Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith. I really enjoyed this series, but as I am trying to pare down my time I spend on the internet, I decided to cut and paste your words and pictures into a word document, format, print and bind your lessons for this series. I hope that wasn't an overstepping of boundaries, but I didn't want to miss a thing, and knew that if I printed it out, I could come back to it now and then for your lovely instruction. Thanks for doing this, I love how you bring charm and femininity to the job of home manager, wife and mother.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your work this week and found it inspiring for my own little home. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, they are appreciated.

Shannon said...

Meredith - This week was fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic series, Meredith! You rock, my friend. :-)

Nancy said...

I, too, loved your series this week. You are an inspiration.
Thanks so much.


Me said...

Thank you for these great posts! You've solved my dilema of how to store my kitchen towels in a beautiful and eFficient way!

Anne Marie@Married to the Empire said...

I've enjoyed your series so much that I've linked to it on my site. Thanks for the great inspiration!

Mrs. H said...

I just read through his series this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Thanks for taking the time to encourage us!

Mrs. H

Trina said...

Hi Meredith, I've so enjoyed your week of Living Well on Less. I was checking the library just last night for some of your book recomendations. Thanks for all your hard work. I'm going to link to you on my blog if that's ok.

Lynn Wright said...


Thanks so much for the posts. I'm a newly wed and my husband is a graduate student; you offered many lovely and practical suggestions. May I also ask where you found (or made!) the beautiful needlework pillow? Is there a pattern available somewhere for it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the series. You have great ideas! Wish you all the best.