Thursday, April 19, 2007

This and that

I wish my city still did bulk furniture pickup. Look at Vintage Chica's curbside coffee table. I've never seen one with stools that slide underneath--Pottery Barn should put that style back into production!

Ms. Moneydummy makes a prudent observation about coupons: track what you spent, not what you "saved."

The Happy Helms show us their pint-size $2 table...Mary Ann calls it a blessing, and not just because she found it at their church's thrift store!

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Mommy said...

I once found a baby exersaucer in someone's trash pile; *just* as my baby was starting to stand on his own strength. The thing has been a big blessing. All it needed was a bit of cleaning up, and a small tare in the seat, that can be fixed, but I am too lazy to right now. :)
There was also a walker, and swing that looked perfectly fine in the pile, but I didn't have room for those. :(