Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ultimate inventors workbench

Another idea to take home from Chattanooga's Creative Discovery Museum:I noticed how much more fun it was to build with KNex, Construx and the like when all the pieces were neatly sorted in bins above a child-size workbench.
The museum's workbench consisted of a simple 2 x 4 frame with countertop and small stool.


Laura Talbert said...

Oh, Oh! My friends set up set of workshop drawers, like for screws and nails and such, and use them for legos. They even had the kids draw a picture of each lego type to tape outside the drawer for sorting. It is really a thing of beauty!

I am enjoying your trip vicariously:)

Someone Beautiful said...

Thanks for sharing your trip! I love this organized idea. This would be so good for our boys. If you concoct something, I would love to see it. Our Lego situation has never been perfected. Like you pointed out, ours play better with all toys more organized.

Laura said...

That is such a great idea! My boys enjoy playing with their k'nex, but the toys are all in one big box together; k'nex, legos, cars, blocks, and more. I can imagine how creative they would be with the pieces so easy to find!