Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Alexandra Stoddard's cottage

I'm not sure I ever posted about my booksigning experience with author/designer Alexandra Stoddard last month. I took Elise to the gallery with me (thank goodness she behaved!).

Two notes: Alexandra and her husband Peter Megargee Brown are truly as loving to one another as she has written. It was so clear to me while watching them while I waited. Not surprisingly, they spent a long time chatting with each guest--so long that it took almost 45 minutes for our 5 person line! I asked her to dedicate my copy to Elise.

I was Googling for a complete list of her books when I found this lovely blog with never-before-seen photos of the Stoddard cottage in Stonington, Connecticut.


mothersong said...

Meredith, the Stoddard cottage in only about 30 minutes from my house. Stonington is one of the most quaint places in the world.

All the more reason you should come to New England and visit us!

Anonymous said...

I used to live about 40min from Stonington -yes, a beautiful quait place where the average housing price for a small 'cottage' is in the high 6 figures. Great if you can afford it.

Carrie J said...

I absolutely love the blue and white striped floors in the pantry. I finally got mine organized and got the pics up, but it isn't nearly that pretty. I'll have to work on that.
Oh, I wanted to pass on to you that I found the Organic Hunts spaghetti sauce that you mentioned at a local Big Lots store for 70 cents per can. They also had the regular(non organic I presume) for 79 cents. Just a note incase anyone reading is still looking for it.