Sunday, February 04, 2007

Redbox video

I learn so much from the comments!
Janet, I'm not the one with the Redbox tip, but thanks to your comment, I'm ready to rent! I didn't even realize it was in my area yet. My favorite grocer, Harris Teeter, has local machines. I shop there on Fridays, so it wouldn't even mean extra gas to pick up a movie.

Here's how it works--you pay $1/night for any DVD. You can check them out using an automated vending machine and select from the new releases available, or you can reserve a title online for pickup at your local location. There is no monthly subscription.
Janet pointed out there are hidden codes for free movies. There's even a new blog devoted to the Redbox scoop, with links to free codes as they are found.
We discontinued Netflix, but this will be great for the occasional cheap movie night.


Kim said...

Nothing near us yet. Hadn't even heard about it until now!

Anonymous said...

I just recently learned of Redbox as well! Our local library where we just moved doesn't have any DVDs, so we are searching for cheap renting options. What's your overall opinion of Netflix? I've got an entry on my blog...would love your comment!zlb

Anonymous said...

I never heard of Redbox and it turns out that there are 4 of them near me. WOW! Thanks for the info. Will have to go check them out. Makes for a great cheap night. Love that!!

Amy said...

I blogged about it too, it is just such a wonderful service and that blog is great for getting all your codes. Be sure to sign up on the official Redbox site for their newsletter as they periodically email updated codes and then sign up for the newsletter on the blog for their list of updated codes. You will never run out of codes to use :)

We use Redbox all of the time and I have only paid for one movie from them (due to it falling on a holiday). The only thing you need to know are your store hours for times to pick up and drop off. If the store is closed on a holiday, you will have to pay for that day regardless of store hours.

I understand that they are going to be opening these in tons of McDonalds so people can get dinner and a movie in one spot. Very smart!!