Thursday, January 11, 2007

Someone else's heirlooms?

I'm wearing this vintage apron while the family polishes silver for the holidays. I started buying aprons as a young woman, about the same time I began picking up silver for my own "hope chest." Even then, I was dreaming of a happy family, with all the gracious trappings of home. I'm still thrilled to find a grandmother's aprons selling for a quarter. That's okay--one day they'll be MY children's heirlooms!

We didn't all grow up with silver spoons, dinner around a table, and two-parent households. That shouldn't stop us from celebrating domestic touches with our own children. Donning a flowery apron makes me feel like I've done this all along.

This is my entry for Mommy Life's Apron Contest. Visit Barbara for more photos and voting.


Laura Talbert said...

I love this picture and that apron is fabulous! Those cute kiddoes aren't bad either :)

Anonymous said...

I started wearing aprons last summer, inspired to try it by a friend. I remember seeing a beautiful pink apron on your blog which I started reading around that time. I have never seen aprons or silver at yard sales, but I only started going to them a couple years ago, and I don't go enough.

Thanks for sharing your happy family photo! I agree, we should add the things we want our family to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Your baby girl is just classicly "precious" in this picture--makes me think of Gerber baby ads!
I really enjoy your blog.

Shannon said...

Those are beautiful children, Meredith. I love the hair!

Anonymous said...

First, your children are beautiful!
I am a grandmother, and I have inherited my grandmother's , and great aunt's aprons, and I love having them. They made all of them, and they have ric rack and cross stitch on them. I have three hanging on pegs in the kitchen, where I can enjoy them every day.

DonnaB said...

My home is a "second chance" refuge for other people's heirlooms! I love to think of the history of piece...who's hands have held it, etc.

Candy said...

I love this picture of you and your children!