Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thinking out loud

Might as well do this list online. I seem to be losing papers left and right lately.

Christmas eve:
Husband fishing early am (they stocked local river with trout!)
Mother will be in the drive two minutes after husband leaves.
Clean house so my mother will quit nagging me about potential baby chokers on floor.
Go to grocery and pick up last minute needs.
Iron children's clothing.
Get Swedish meatballs going in crockpot.
Make vegetable tray and dip for vegetarian sister who won't show up on time anyway.
Leave early to get parking at the children's Mass.
Relax and enjoy the glorious music!
Come home and serve buffet supper to family.
Let Andrew open one gift from out-of-town relative.
Get kids to bed early.
Prepare sausage balls and blueberry-stuffed oven french toast for Christmas morning.
Have some time alone with husband.
Go to bed early---everything is wrapped and ready to go!


Anonymous said...

I'll think out loud here too:


* exercise walk?
* bake cherry-banana bread for neighbors.
* wrap the rest of the gifts.

lunch: leftover crockpot roast

* print out final newsletters
* wrap neighbor's gifts in cellophane
* set out luminarias
* upload photos & clear camera chips
* Kitchener toes on gift socks?

* Children's Mass
* start enchiladas and tamales in oven
* carolling while delivering gifts
* supper

Chrissy said...

I think you sound more stressed about this than the muffin extravaganza!?! Enjoy! You seem so organized that I'm sure it will all come together beautifully!