Saturday, December 02, 2006

Shoestring Christmas: Advent Wreath

Still working on the computer situation, so I'll post when I can. For now, here's a quick and cheap Advent wreath for your table.

My carefully hoarded pink and purple candles were lost during the move. Last year it took two trips to find all four candles.

No time (or money) for that this month! What I did have on hand: lots of small glasses, assorted tissue and paper, tree trimmings, one white taper and lots of tea lights.

I crumpled the tissue and paper into balls to make it more translucent and workable. Then, I wet the paper slightly, so that it would eventually dry into the shape I wanted.

I twisted the paper around each short glass and turned it upside down to dry. (You could also tape a plain band of paper around each glass instead.)

No tissue? Check your rag bag or remnants for semi-sheer fabric or ribbon.

Don't bother making a shaped wreath. Instead, put a white candle in the center of a circular platter or plate. If you choose one with a deep lip, you can add water to keep the greenery from drying out.

Group the glasses around the white candle. I used what I had, which was a taper in a tall candlestick. Drop votives or tea lights into the glasses. Use caution when lighting.

Take short clippings of greenery and stick them everywhere. Don't forget to cover the edges of the platter!

Because the general shape is round, the finished product will have a wreath-like effect without any of the work. Use a mixture of greenery if you can get it. A few wisps of pine add airiness to fir or spruce branches.

There are so many worthwhile traditions at Christmas. It can be a full time job assembling all the supplies!

Don't let lack of resources stop you from celebrating with your family. Use what you have, and you may be surprised at the beautiful result!


melissa said...

Hey there! I was having trouble posting pictures, too, and found info on the blogger help. While you have your post open, click the refresh button. The missing icons will then appear. I found it to work - hope this helps!

Marie said...

Hi, I found the info on blogger help, also. Clicking the refresh button didn't work for me. However, when I pressed Ctrl and F5 at the same time, that did it.

(I pressed them when page with the missing toolbar was open)

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend had the worst time finding pink and purple candles for her Advent wreath last Christmas, but this year we found lots of them at a wholesale florist supply store in September. She stocked up! I've never done an Advent wreath at home, but maybe it's time to start a new tradition. I am EAGERLY awaiting more of your frugal Christmas decorating posts.
Susan in San Antonio

Meredith said...

Thanks for the computer help. Luckily for me it was fixed by today!

TulipGirl said...

We made two advent wreaths this year.

One has candles I bought on sale several months ago, the other has small 5/$1 at Whole Foods candles. Both are held to a plate for a base with clay and the wreaths are from materials gathered from the woods by my children.

Julie Clark said...

this is stinkin' brilliant.