Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Library bag: Camille Glenn's Old Fashioned Christmas Cookbook

This is a beautiful book of holiday menus, inspired by the old South. She has delicious relish recipes (pear-cranberry, for instance). Though most of the recipes would be considered gourmet, I can see myself choosing a few for a special Christmas Eve meal. (We won't be celebrating with family this year, so I'm still searching for ideas.)

A sentiment I loved:
I believe there is a certain depth and beauty in a home, no matter how humble, when there is grace and love in a kitchen that is alive with the warmth of good things cooking for our families and friends to eat.
To wait for the luxuries--or to postpone quiet pleasures that are at hand, in the race that is propelled by fashion--is to miss a part of life that is meaningful.
--Camille Glenn's Old Fashioned Christmas Cookbook, p. xiii.

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