Thursday, December 21, 2006

The end

We did it! The breakfast was very well received. I forgot to take an early photo, but this shows the center of the table after the first wave came through. I ended up getting Walmart $1/yd. fabric for the 9 foot long table--an ice blue microfiber with a heavy drape and excellent wipe-ability. Is that a word? Well worth the $3.47 it cost at the last minute.

I spent $100. I could have saved more by not buying as much fruit (uneaten) and making less fruit tea, or a cheaper version of powdered spice tea. The not so frugal part of the baking adventure: I killed my oven. At least the electronic control part. That's why my muffins were baking so strangely. The heat cycled on and off between two elements instead of evenly. Who knows if this experiment was too much for the home oven, or if this was the last straw for a pre-existing condition.

Now that everything's cleaned and put away, this girl is taking a nap. We have basketball tonight!


Laura Talbert said...

Your poor oven! And everything looks so beautiful in the pic.

People never seem to eat fruit at these kind of things... I wonder why?

It's a Mom Thing said...

It looks wonderful, Meredith! I'm sorry your oven puttered out of you, but hopefully you can get that taken care of soon, with Christmas coming up and all. I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved nap.

Anonymous said...

hope you got to keep the freeze the tea... guessing if your oven couldnt handle a baking wouldnt have suited you much longer any how..i just scored a 1200$ smooth top frigidaire for 350 $ delivered from a couple who switched to look around and good napping

celina in canada

Anonymous said...

Rats about the oven, but I doubt it was the baking session. The oven that came with our current house died a slower version of the same death. We tried to have it repaired, but wound up having to replace it any way.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that God kept that oven going until all the muffins were cooked before it died! Can you picture the stress you would have been under if it died before!! I hope your nap was refreshing.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so beautifully set out. Shame about the fruit... and your poor oven. Looking forward to hearing your frugal way of sorting the oven out/getting a new one etc.

Blessings to you all this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Meredith! I like that stag.

I'm making fruit salad to put in quart jars, ribbon and tag, and give as neighborhood gifts. 2 oranges to 1 grapefruit + 1/2 lg. can pineapple chunks. Dried cranberries sprinkled through for color. Refrig for up to a week.

Good use for EXTRA FRUIT ~!


Someone Beautiful said...

I'm sorry to hear about your oven. :( The food and decorated table looked great! I might make some of that cheesecake for Christmas. It sounds yummy!

DonnaB said...

You have quite a knack for presentation. The table looks lovely. That's a shame about your oven.

Anonymous said...


Today my DH wss hosting a training session, so I managed to make up 18 muffins for his class. I reviewed that recipe (and mentioned that I was inspired by your blog) on recipezaar:


Meredith said...

Wow, Jora! Thanks for the compliment!

I know your husband's colleagues were impressed : )