Thursday, November 16, 2006

The geese are getting fat

Fast forward through the Thanksgiving turkey--Christmas is just around the corner! I'm always torn between wanting everything completed early (a la Organized Christmas) and waiting until December, when we're in the mood. I compromise by getting the business of Christmas out of the way by December first, leaving the rest of the month for celebration. So, while I would buy my stamps and address our Christmas cards throughout the fall, I would not write our personal notes to each recipient until after Thanksgiving. I may miss the Black Friday deals, but having gifts bought well in advance sucks most of the commercialism out of our December.

Still, that faint whiff of gingerbread in Fresh Market has gotten me in the spirit. Here are two great blogs devoted to Christmas that you simply must visit:
O Night Divine, which has more of a Catholic perspective,
and Lindsey's Advent for Evangelicals. Right now she now features an interview with gifted writer Ann Voskamp. I look forward to reading how her book The Glorious Coming translates Advent traditions into family-friendly experiences.
Below, a photo from the archives. Andrew's first Christmas. Garish candy-cane sleeper from his great-grandma.


The Frugal Shrink said...

Hee hee, I like his garish sleeper! My brother and I had something similar when we were young as my mom made us Christmas pajamas every year. I hope you will be sharing your gift purchases and ideas with us!

Anonymous said...

Cute pj's, this is one of those photos that you hold on and show his future wife...
I'm never torn between having the businees of Christmas done eairly or waiting till the mood hits me. I live in NH, it's just way too cold and snowy to shop in December. Ever push a shopping cart full of items in slush to your car? Not fun! I buy all year long for people and have to write down where the gifts are or I forget where I put them. I miss out on the Black Friday sales but have found good deals all year long. So on Black Friday, my cousin and I get together and cook all our breads and whatever we will need for the holiday gifts together. We play Christmas music, sing along, laugh, make a mess of the kitchen, have a fire going in the fireplace and don't miss a thing! Instead, we gain from the time together and the Smell of Christmas fills the house. Buy the way, this year, I'm making your Chess Pie as gifts. You might want to give that recipe out again. It's a real winner!

Green Tea & Kimchee said...

I would love the Chess Pie recipe when you have the time!

That is a beautiful picture of you and Andrew, you beam!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith,

Thanks for the link to the O Night Divine site. It is wonderful.