Monday, October 30, 2006

Odds and ends

Q: Can you give some tips for graciously and inexpensively staying warm?
A: Brrr! We had to turn on our heat earlier in the month, too. Last winter, I described how my family keeps it cozy here.

Q: You never told us what you talked about with Kim C. from Life In A Shoe.
A: No, I didn't. I just forgot! It was a crazy time, having just moved, with my mom visiting every day. Kim and I agreed that it's a strange to feel you really KNOW the bloggers you read daily, even if your family thinks you're nuts for feeling that way. We talked about babies, since ours are so close in age, and her upcoming e-book about the secrets of getting a baby to sleep. And finally, a discussion I was so glad to have with someone I respect--how we feel about the question, "Is my blog Christian enough?"

Q: I'm dying to ask, in your move did you ever find the heirloom christening gown you misplaced?
A: YES! It was packed in an archival box and labelled, but that box was within another box and under something else. I had opened the outer box, but didn't look beneath the top layer. Now it is clearly labelled on all four sides! Thanks for the reminder. I should take a portrait of my little girl wearing it before she grows any bigger. It won't be her baptismal gown, but perhaps it will be one of her children's.


Kim C. said...

Thank you for reminding me of that part - I'm so glad one of us thought to have a bit of deep conversation.
Glad you found your christening gown. I don't remember if you already had Elise christened, or will she get to use the gown?

Kim C. said...

oops. Can you tell I'm running on half a cup of coffee? You already answered my question about the gown in your post. duh.
coffee, please.

Anonymous said...

ok, dying to know... how DO you feel when someone asks if your blog is Christian enough? What do they mean by that?


Meredith said...

Debbie, it was really more about asking ourselves that question. I brought up the topic, though Kim said she and her husband had a similar discussion recently. There are so many bloggers gifted at sharing their faith (Amy's Humble Musings, for instance. I am not one who is. A snarky commenter once called Like Merchant Ships "Shopping For Jesus." So I was dying to ask another blogger, who obviously lives the life but doesn't include Scripture in every post, if she ever felt the same way.

Homekeeper Mom said...

Oh Meredith! I LOVE your blog! I ask myself that question also.....I don't include Scripture in every post either.

I am HOPING to get to meet KimC! I realized the other day that we live in the same city.....I have been reading her blog and that NEVER dawned on me. I felt like a goober!

I second Amy......I think that she is brilliant and I wish that I had her way with words and her wit.

I just wanted to drop in and say Hi......keep up the wonderful work Meredith!!


Anonymous said...

There is nothing more Christian than living in Joyful Obedience to God's design and commands. You are an inspiration as a homemaker and home-lover, Meredith.

But it is a good habit to examine ourselves, and our purpose, too.

Thanks for answering : )