Sunday, October 22, 2006

Making our own mantlepiece?

We think we might be able to make the mantlepiece ourselves and save a bundle of money. It would have to be something almost primitive, with little to no trim. I have access to some old pieces of lumber. This salvaged mantle from Ebay looks like something we could copy.

What do you think? If old boards were tinted a honey color and highly polished, would that style be too rustic for a late '40s home?


Anonymous said...

I want my husband to build a mantel for a faux fireplace. (I'm so excited about the real one you found in your house. How fun!!)
Looked online for instructions. Found some things online but also found a great book on amazon. I think I bought it used and you might be able to fine it at the library. It was rated by users as most helpful and has lots of pictures (I need visuals) Ü
It is called "Step-by-Step to a Classic Fireplace Mantel" A complete guide to building a classic fireplace mantel from stock materials. By Steve Penberthy with Gary Jones
Great resource.


Monica Wilkinson said...

Love that you 'found' a fireplace! :) And, the ebay mantle has wonderful potential - I love the shape of it!

Anonymous said...

Meredith, I just saw how debbie mumm changed her fireplaces. Go here for idea Pam. Also somewhere close on that home decorating page she shows a pic of a brick family room fire place she remodeled and added a "mantel".

Anonymous said...

Are there any salvage centers near you? I'd look to see if you can find a pretty, older mantle from a tear-down or remodel.

Anonymous said...


I think the mantle you showed would not look the least bit primitive once it was nicely painted or stained! If you wanted it to have more accent it would simply be a case of having each accent at the top come out on the sides a little bit more, and with a little bit of inexpensive crown molding from some place like home depot for the top accent right under the topper it would be stunning, and inexpensive!


Anonymous said...

I bet you could make one. No I don't think your idea would be too primitive for a 1940's house! (I live in a 1940's house myself!

Anonymous said...

Hailey's Architecture Salvage (I think that is the name) on Old Lebanon Pike off Fesslers Lane has a huge amount of mantles waiting to be stripped at good prices. He has other great things as well that might work well ina 40s house. John Poses is the owner and a sweet heart. I bought tons from him when remodeling a house in East Nashville/Inglewood. Tell him Elizabeth said hello.


Meredith said...

Thanks Elizabeth!
I've driven by that place several times on the way to Calvary Cemetary, but never had time to go in. Perhaps we'll make a special trip to both of them this Saturday. I get a little creeped out by the neighboring motel-by-the-hour unless my husband is along!