Friday, October 27, 2006

The home shopping blog

A good night's sleep has done wonders for my attitude!

I have a plan--for discipline, for the house, for my budget. It hinges on a commitment to stay home. Shopping seems to trigger Andrew's bad behavior. My decorating budget is already straining at its seams. I'm falling into the same trap most people do--it's more fun to find new treasures than to unpack boxes and use what I already have. And I have a lot. Boxes of things I've saved from house to house, fabric remnants, old picture frames.

So, the rules: I will find what I need in what I already own. If I don't have it, I'll make it. I will not buy anything for my home from a retail store, including thrift stores. I will not spend time browsing for ideas. Yard sales are still fair game, given that sales are within neighborhood and purchases, within my budget. (I still need Christmas gifts, y'all!)

I'll share each day's project here. Hope you can help me keep me on track!


Anonymous said...

Meredith. I believe those rules will bring much reward, satisfaction, and discipline. They are almost identical to the rules I had to come up with to reign in my quilting and other sewing projects (most for gifts). The fab stash was getting wild, the list of new ideas was wilder, the unfinished proj. were starting to go wild, and there was no point in fooling myself into thinking one more investment in material or tools would enhance the whole operation. So six months later, with lots of finished projects, and some fresh organization, I have reduced the guilt and anxiety over a satisfying artisic, outlet that blesses my home. It always amazes me how fast materialism can creep into any nich and crevice. You don't accomplish much if you don't stay home. I read somewhere on another blog (am sorry I can not credit it, possibly from Homeliving Helper)that it cost $20 every time you leave the house. I have found that to be true only more so.

Anonymous said...

Dear likemerchantships,
I do believe your strategies to conquer your shopping obsession will be solved if you follow through with them. They are simple but effective ways to beat the shopping industry. Shopping now a day is very addictive. companys and stores are constantly producing new ideas to attract certain groups. For example, a home shopping network will gear their advertisments and sales to appeal to a specific target group(obsessive shoppers) They portray the product as such a great item that they make you feel like you absolutly need it. Causing someone who maybee addicted to shopping to purchase the item,even when they may not need it like in your case. Not only do they do this online or on the television, but as you mentioned you like to shop in retail or thrift stores. Even in this enviornment where a consumer thinks they are getting a deal they may be prone to buy more. Seeing that the prices are so cheap. Shopping will be around till the end of time due to the money hungry companys and product hungry consumers. I hope all works out well with your plan I have faith in you.
Kent state
writing student
Brian Waller

Anonymous said...

I need to make that resolve also. Or at least to cut back my shopping.

Today I went to the thrift store again ... and bought clothes that we didn't need.

Maybe I should limit my shopping to so many hours/week.

And I need to declutter the wardrobe!

Anonymous said...

Your first new rule reminds me of Lynette Jennings' saying - "how to make the most of what you have." If you have never seen her programs or looked through her books, I recommend them. I think of her as the "anti-Martha Stewart"!;)
And while we're on the topic of what you have, I'd love to see a photo of your finished dining room table!
Susan in San Antonio

Meredith said...

Susan, I'm recovering the chair seats this weekend. Photos to follow.

Anonymous said...

Meredith you have great talent for using what you have . Your homes alwasy look wonderful.

A suggestion. try talks about "shopping at home first"

Shes a great motivator.


Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to reading your projects as you undertake them. I love finding something great in a box or out in my storage barn!! It feels like brand new and it's free!

SchrefflerFamily said...

I, too, find I spend a lot less when I just stay out of the stores. Yes, I get great deals at the thrift store -- but I spent $80 a trip or so on things I then have to take home and find room to store!