Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Halloween hand-me-downs

One of the best parts about moving is discovering all the things you forgot you even had. Such was the case with a Hefty bag of costumes passed along from my aunt's boys. Unfortunately, Andrew found the bag before I could tie it closed again. We won't be spending any money on Halloween this year, that's for sure. Let's just hope he can narrow his choices down from Robin Hood, the Pirate Firefighter.


Anonymous said...

and pray tell what is wrong with a firefighting pirate who robs to rich to give to the poor....lol

awesome costume


Anonymous said...


Totally unrelated, but my daughter and I just visited janbrett.com for some great coloring pages. Have you ever gone there with Andrew?


Anonymous said...

We haven't ever spent money on Halloween costumes. We have so many dress-up things around the house anyway, we just let the kids choose from what we already have. So far, they've been totally happy with that and trick or treating makes the night special enough for them already.

I am kind of excited though that this year I'll get to use a tiny baby costume we got at a yard sale several years ago. I've lent it out to every baby at church, but last child was born the day after Halloween.

Meredith said...

Ooooh, hadn't thought about tiny baby costumes yet! That will be fun. There's part of a Davy Crockett costume in the box; perhaps we can dress our baby like "the bar" to coordinate.

Debbie, we have the same taste, don't we? Andrew and I were just reading "The Trouble With Trolls" today. I love her website.

Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said...

He just looks so cute~

Goslyn said...

I kind of like the firefighter/robin hood/pirate look.

I mean, at least 2/3 of the costume is good guys!

Cute cute cute.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do! But you follow through with your FRUGAL pursuit of beauty more than I. Maybe that's why i love your blog so much : )

And on top of that, on WFMW someone mentions JanBrett website today.

i love andrew's expression. Quite serious and 'tough'!