Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The last night before a move

More from Garner Dodson:
One of the best ways I know to combat the bleakness of a last night in your stripped, bare old home is to lock and leave the house in the afternoon and go to a motel. There you can relax, have dinner and go to bed early. Everything's packed for the trip--so why not? It adds to the adventure of your move. Mother, the pivot of the famiy, is refreshed by having someone else look after meals and housekeeping a few hours. Making the Most of Every Move, p. 79

I may start setting aside a little each week towards a hotel room. I've never tried Priceline for my own city before--or, I may ask to spend the night at my aunt's, if she will be away on business.


Anonymous said...

This seems like a wonderful idea. For us, it would probably help in terms of saying our "goodbyes" to this place we have called home, and then having a transition time between heading to the new place that will be home. This is a wonderful idea and is one that I am going to keep tucked away for when we move in the next year or so. I know that, even though they really want to move, my two oldest boys will probably be very sentimental and sad when we actually leave because this is their childhood home, and staying somewhere for the night gives everyone a little bit of emotional and physical space. Thanks for posting these excerpts from this book!

Anonymous said...

When we moved from one side of town to another earlier this year, my husband set up our bedroom in the new home ahead of time so that I could begin "living" in our new home even before my husband finished packing up the old house. My bittersweet memories of the old home were balanced by the business of unpacking and becoming acquainted with our new home.

Marsha said...

When we left as home I loved and was sad to sell, my husband made this kind of arrangement for me. He made sure that we left in the afternoon and that a babysitter was planned so that we could have a quiet dinner together. Afterwards, we picked up our son and headed to a hotel that would have been an indulgence under any circumstance but was in this case also a comfort. It was a lovely way to relax for the next stage of the move and also a balm for my broken heart.