Monday, August 28, 2006

Folk art for kids

It's hard to wrap my mind around anything but the new house these days! I'm trying to decide what to pack, what to sell, and what to look for in the three weeks before we close. The walls there are freshly painted beige; not what I would have picked, but I know the value of a wall someone else has already painted for you!

I'd like to brighten the walls with colorful art. The house's board-and-batten style siding remind me of the mountain cabins I see in Southern Accents (think Atlanta-does-rustic). I've always been fond of that elegant/country style and think I'll use it as inspiration for the new house. Those spreads often include lively folk art to wake up the stone and timber interiors. So I found this website with links to fabulous folk art coloring pages and a recommended book for creating folk art with kids. I'm sure we can come up with some low-cost projects from their templates!


Luke and Valerie said...

I LOVE! They have calendars where just about every day of the year celebrates something, from skyscrapers to ice cream. It helps me come up with crafts and activities on a rainy day (like today). I see it is "toasted marshmallow day" tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Try as well for some great inexpensive, printable art. I know they have quite a bit in the "folk art" realm.

Anonymous said...

cool link Meredith! My son is nuts for nutcrackers...we may try painting some this Christmas after seeing the resource for unpainted figures. Also, the whirligig book on the front page looks so fun...our elderly neighbor had a whirligig man that "sawed" lumber when the wind blew.


more pics of the new place please : )