Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Delighting in hard work

Blest With Sons has a great post about learning to delight in the result of hard work.


Anonymous said...

Meredith thanks again for introducing us to another Great article!! Years ago I found myself and another worker competeing against ourselfs each day to outdue our productivity from the previous day. We did different jobs but I found out quite unexpectedly they also liked to play this game. No one else cared but to us it made the day go better and gave us a hidden joy. Believe me, the work was no fun but had to be done to make our wage, but why not do it the best and most productive way we knew how! Of course our employer benefited but the fun was ours. The past generations seemed to be into this.. tweeking machines or ways to do things for the betterment of all and it helped them and everyone else. I guess in the big picture that is in some ways how new ways of doing things and new inventions are born! I just know it made our day go better and gave us an inner smile no one could take from us!

DonnaB said...

Thanks for linking to this post...it was really good!