Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tax free days

Tennesseans will be having our first tax-free days next week! Ann at Mommysecrets has copied all the fine print for Tennesseeans. Baby Cheapskate Atlanta has a list of tax-free tips to help maximize your savings. Georgia's shoppers have more practice with this event than we do!


Homekeeper Mom said...

Your blog is so inspiring!! Your home and blog are absolutely beautiful!

Mom2fur said...

I guess you mean tax-free shopping for clothing? We do that here about twice a year. Since tax is around 9%, it's a great savings. Oh...and if you sew, you should know that fabric, buttons, thread and anything that actually ends up in the garment should be tax free, too. At least, it is when we do it in New York. (Pins, the pattern, and things that don't end up in the finished garment are not tax free.)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Hope you find the post helpful.