Sunday, July 09, 2006

Running late

Just wanted to let you know we had some unexpected company this weekend and absolutely no sleep on my watch--so I'll catch you all up tomorrow when I can type coherently! : )


Anonymous said...

What a blessing that God sent someone to fix your Air Conditioning before your company arrived! It would have been hot and miserable to have company all weekend without any air, and your wonderfully cool house surely made for a nicer visit! Looking forward to your post tomorrow!-
Susan in Illinois

PS- I think that a $99.00 bill for TWO guys coming out and working until 8:00pm was a steal! It will be worth every penny to you throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall. It sure helps us to sleep better around here when we have the air on, and that's one thing you surely need with a new baby! I think little ones sleep more deeply, too, when it's not so hot in the house.

Anonymous said...

No sleep is the part of another little one that I think I look forward to the least. I hope you get some rest soon.