Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Front flowers

Here's a shot of the front bed. We purchased the pink and white vinca flowers for 50 cents a six pack on clearance. Actually, almost all the plants are clearance rack specials, even the huge laurel bush. I'm amazed at how lush things have grown with so little rain. I guess all those layers of newspaper and mulch really do trap moisture at the roots! The funny thing is that all my perennials--which are supposed to be an investment that doubles every year--have dwindled to nothing after two summers. No coneflowers, only one rudbeckia, a tuft of blue salvia where I used to have huge drifts. Talk about frustrating! It makes me feel better about buying annuals for show this year.


Anonymous said...

Do you water much at all? I find that I have to water my perennials a lot for the first year or so, or they don't survive through the next year.

Kim said...

Gorgeous! You da woman, Meredith!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful at any price, even better at a bargain! Ironic about the perennials...any chance they got too much moisture? I ask only because the coneflowers and salvia are plants that I have seen recommended for hot, dry California summers.

CallaLilly said...

O.K. The sin of envy just popped in my heart. ;)

theups said...

Your flowers are absolutely LOVELY!!!!! I adore flowers and gardening!!! You and the Lord have done a fantastic job this year. :)

Oh, and I am having the same problem with my perennials. Two years ago, they were beautiful. This year, no purple coneflowers, no shasta daisies and only a few black-eyed susans. I cannot figure out what I've done wrong. Glad I'm not the only one. :)

Mrs. U