Friday, July 07, 2006

The culture of stuff

Mrs. Catherine of Making It Home magazine shares her thoughts about the American culture of stuff. One reason my family is committed to buying an older or smaller home is to spend less on on the house itself--but also, to curb our ability to fill it! Small closets will do that to you! Still, it's a constant struggle to buy for the future and contain our clutter in the present.


emily said...

I've been married three years and can relate to this. We're in our third apartment (long story related to grad school!) and we've had, in order, 700 square feet, 500 sq feet which included 100+ sq feet of unusable bathroom space, and now 1000 sq feet with walk-in closets, pantry, and storage everywhere. We've accumulated so much stuff. However, we'll be moving out of state in less than a year so I've tried to avoid buying things which I knew I couldn't resell for at least as much as I spent. When I see "deals", I often decide, "No, not now. We won't be living here much longer." I've been convicted that I ought to look at other things, that way, too. Even when we're "settled" for good, we'll still be waiting for the eternal city! How many, many, many things I've accumulated in this land which isn't my home which I cannot and would not take to my true, eternal home!

Patty said...

Not too long ago I wrote on my blog about our old house with its three small closets. Keeps you from collecting more than you need. No one needs walk in closets. Living simply, means living modestly I think.