Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rose Colored Glasses

Have you visited the new blog, Want Not? Mir explains her money-saving strategy for buying new glasses. Both my husband and I need vision correction. Our plan covers a yearly exam, new basic lenses, and $50 toward frames every other year. It's almost impossible to buy frames for that price except at Walmart or Sam's, which are not on the preferred provider list. You must pay out of pocket and be reimbursed later. I will say that the customer service at our Walmart's optical shop is superb. They will clean and tighten your frames for free whenever you shop. Also, if you buy the tiny lens cleaning kit, you can have it refilled, free, until you lose the bottle.

My cheapest new glasses came from the Unclaimed Baggage Outlet in Scottsboro, Alabama. Normally I would think secondhand frames would be too worn out, but how about all the pairs lost in suitcases and airports? I bought a like-new pair of Ralph Lauren frames and had my optometrist put in my prescription lenses at the next exam. All I spent was the $2 I paid for the frames themselves.


Kristen said...

"until you lose the bottle..."

Hehe. Now that's a Kristen caveat right there.

Unclaimed Baggage Outlet!! That sounds like my kind of place! In high school I happened to be around on the last day of school in the afternoon. People had left things in their lockers and had been warned that their stuff would be dumped. My friend and I filched TONS of clothes, books, etc. Was quite proud of myself at the time. Uhhhh, anyway, the Unclaimed Baggage Outlet sounds fun. :-}

Kristen said...

OH! And I meant to add that I love Want Not. Thanks for the link.

mothersong said...

Meredith, you are amazing! Unclaimed Baggage Outlet for glasses...
Luckily glasses are covered under our plan, but braces. Oh my gosh, braces are almost as expensive as cars, and we have a bunch of kids that really need them.