Friday, September 01, 2006

Frugal Outlets

Q: Are many of your friends frugal? Do you share your ideas with them, or is your blog your creative frugality outlet?

A: Anyone who knows me in person probably understands that I like to get the most for my family's dollar. Our extended family has a begrudging respect for our thriftiness. My mom friends love to share a good deal or low-cost activity. However, for most people, talking about money is simply not done. We may talk about our acquisitions, our neighborhoods, our children's schools--but not about how we afford them. We let our possessions speak for themselves. This has always made me uncomfortable. Who knows how much debt people incur to speak that kind of language? As a result, I try to be open about discussing our choices with friends and family--without seeming like a Dave Ramsey/thrift store crusader.

Of course, this is why I enjoy this blog so much. I can share all the thrifty dirt with you!


Anonymous said...

I admire you for this, your right most people don't want to be "real" when it comes to finances so consequently other feel they should follow but in reality people truly want to know they are not alone in sometimes feeling financially trapped. So good for you, I have certainly learned a thing or two from reading your blog.

DonnaB said...

Funny, I think Dave Ramsey/thrift store crusaders are kindred spirits. Right now I feel alone on a deserted island in real life. All of my family labels me "cheap." I'm not cheap, I'm generous but within my family's means.

Mom2fur said...

I don't know where I read it--perhaps it was even here--but nowadays the trappings that used to mean 'status' don't really mean it any longer. Once, it meant something to have a new TV or the shiniest, fanciest lawn mower or the best jewelry. Now, anyone can have all that with a credit card. So all the pretty things the Joneses next door have may only mean they are heavily in debt--not that Mr. or Mrs. Jones makes a lot of money!