Saturday, June 03, 2006

Eating Out While Out Of Town

The Dollar Stretcher has a great article about vacation dining on the cheap.


Monica Wilkinson said...

I especially love the tip about ordering kids meals. I often do this only because of the portion size of most adult meals being so gigantic. But, it is also a great way to save money!

Meredith said...

I liked her strategy of ordering the kids meals at counter service or drive-thru restaurants only. I guess I didn't realize I could do that for myself! But at a typical fast food place, they don't really care, do they?

Mom2fur said...

I've ordered children's meals at drive-throughs, but I'd never do it in a restaurant. I don't think they care, Meredith. After all, how do they know you're not taking it home to a kid? And even the medium-sized meal (notice there's never a 'small') is often too big for me. A Happy Meal is just the right size! Homespun is right--the adult meals are too big! I mean, really, do I need a drink big enough to float the Titanic?