Sunday, May 28, 2006

Frugal Sunscreen

In honor of pool openings everywhere, the Frugal Duchess presents advice about sunscreen, including which budget brand tested best. I try to pick up a name brand SPF 50 at Dollar Tree each May.


TheNormalMiddle said...

NO AD brand sunscreen got top ratings from consumer reports a couple of years ago. I've always bought it since then. It works great on the kids, never had a burn or a bad experience with it. It is about $5 at walmart for a huge bottle that lasts us all summer and then some. I've never seen SPF at the Dollar Tree, I'll have to keep a lookout! :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone should use sunscreen. My mom who has very fair skin has had skin cancer removed twice now. She has never been one to tan uses hats and sunscreen. I also recently found a spot on my leg. I am bi-racial and have darker skin but the risk is still there. I will be getting checked ASAP.

So don't think you don't need it you do. Everyone all the time.

Now imagine how upset I was when my young son came home and told me his teacher told him black people (we are part black and part white) do not burn and can't get skin cancer. I set her straight quickly and still put sunscreen on the kid.

MommyLydia said...

HRm... When is that baby due anyway?

Frugal Duchess said...

Thanks for including the link to me.
That kiddie pool in your photos looks so familar. I think I've been there with my kids.
take care