Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Freecycling Saves Energy

I've been on a mad decluttering tear this week. I've felt useless, not being able to haul and lift much. Then it occurred to me that by Freecycling some of the larger unwanted items and listing the rest on, I can have other people take them away without ever leaving the house. Eureka! No more driving across town to Goodwill or the municipal waste site for this mom. The only problem I've encountered is having to reschedule pickups with different people after the first responders never confirmed. Other than that, we've had a garage door, an interior door, and a huge stack of scrap fence panels carted off without cost to us. I've sold several kids' items and have someone coming to look at the old lawn mower and a bike this week. I've almost made enough to buy my husband a new push mower for Father's Day!

The photo above shows one of the many heavy things I've thought about decluttering outside. It's a miniature stove, a parting gift from my late FIL's short career with the Athens Stove Company. It weighs a TON, and it doesn't really fit our decor. Then I realized how much I would have loved playing with this in my pioneer pretending I'll have to keep lugging it around for a few more years yet : )


DonnaB said...

My in laws have a couple of wood burning stoves. One of them was a movie prop in the movie "Ride With the Devil" which was a Civil War movie.

Good for you on the decluttering!

Anonymous said...

Freecycle is amazing! My son has a free booster seat and free shoes from it and I've unloaded all sorts of odds and ends.

Have you thought of posting a Wanted on there for your Pack N Play? At least on our Chicago chapter, I've seen a few offered recently - they don't seem to be scarce around here. Good grief, I actually saw a homeless man sitting on part of one the other day, LOL.

Meredith said...

Yes, I did post a wanted on Craig's List but apparently the Pack 'N Plays with the bassinet insert are more recent and hard to find.

MommyLydia said...

I suspect also that the bassinet insert is not kept until a person is ready to get rid of the Pack and play, which also makes the pack and play WITH bassinet insert harder to find.

I got one of these for my sister when her first was born. They still have the pack and play but I suspect the bassinet insert long since gave up the ghost or disappeared. (their third child is turning 3 in September)

Anonymous said...

the little stove makes me think of a summer plan I have for my daughter and her friends: Pioneer Days, including Pioneer Laundry Day! We'll beat and boil our laundry, hang it to dry, and have something slow-cooking to "feed the family" afterwards.