Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Decluttered Bookcases

Sorry about not posting the "after" for so long! It's not a dramatic difference from the bookcase's earlier condition, but I was able to shuffle and edit our books.

There is a bit more breathing room for resale, and the wires have been tucked away. A quick fix with no cost to me.

Wait--I did break the picture light trying to screw it to the back of the painting's frame. Add another to the yard sale wish list!

Update: I found a photo of the bookcase as it looked when we bought the house. We beefed up the molding and added contrasting paint to the back of the shelves for more impact.

1 comment:

Kim C. said...

Maybe not a dramatic difference, but a dramatically different first impression. It's amazing what a difference small changes can make.
You go, girl!