Friday, May 12, 2006

Blustery Day

It's been a a busy one. I raced to finish all my washing--blankets and comforters included--so everything could hang outside on the line. On-again, off-again rain has put a dent in my laundry routine for the last two weeks. We prepped and painted some new (used) closet doors in the same breathless fashion. The wind began whipping so hard that I opened all the windows, airing the naked mattresses before putting fresh sheets on the beds. I had just enough time to move everything indoors before the rain poured at dinnertime.

A smarter woman would have had something simmering in the crockpot. Instead, I cracked a dozen eggs for 20-minute "lasagna", with broccoli on the side. After dinner I used the leftover florets and egg yolks to bake a rich quiche for tomorrow morning. The remaining yolks I stirred into a batch of Sue Gregg's vanilla pudding, sweetened with stevia instead of fructose. So far the liquid Sweetleaf stevia has exceeded all my expectations. I had just enough time to dash to the local library for more children's books on CD. Peace, quiet, and learning in the car--a lifesaver for me! I also found the complete DVD set of the original Julia Child cooking series to watch this weekend. Most of my work is now done for tomorrow. I'm still debating whether to use my precious gasoline for a drive across town to tomorrow's CHALK used curriculum sale. Better check the classifieds online to see if there are any good sales closer to home first. Then off to bed!

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