Monday, April 03, 2006

How To Save Kid Art Digitally

A good tip from Mommysavers:

The greatest way I have found to keep up with all of my son's art projects is to keep them in old pizza boxes. I take the ones that stayed clean, spray paint or contact paper them, and they are great for keeping art projects without crushing or bending them. They are a great space-saving way too, you can stack them high without crushing or turn them on end like books. You can also write dates or ages on the side. -- Melany, 45, from Las Vegas NV
Of course, we don't order pizza anymore : )

I photograph and crop the better drawings digitally--much less bulky!

I am also trying to display more art on the walls, though I haven't found a cheap way to frame yet. I took down the old zoo print that hung above the bed. These bright colors looked so much more fun and fresh for a kid's room.


Kathryn said...

I read somewhere to get an old frame at a yard sale and paint to match the room, then put up on the wall empty. Then you can hang the kid's art inside the frame and change it out as often as you like. The (unknown) book I read it in had them in a hallway and had several as a group.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh when I saw the photo-our boys have matching rooms! In my case, I'm trying to cover the lovely lavendar color that my DD picked out and we painted before moving everyone's rooms around.


Anonymous said...


WHAT type/kind/flavor digital camera do you have? Do you do most of your cropping pre or post-photo?

Thanks, Debbie

Meredith said...

You *know* I have a cheap camera! It's a three-and-a-half year old Kodak EasyShare 2.0 MegaPixel, positively ancient according to today's technology. It doesn't even have digital zoom. I bought it for $100 at Best Buy's Black Friday sale shortly after Andrew was born.

You know what? It's ultra simple, I love it, and it works perfectly for me! The photos it takes are much clearer than what I post on this blog. I crop things and edit after downloading to my computer. I always decrease the resolution to "Best For Web" before putting things on the blog, so the page doesn't take so long to load.

Anonymous said...

Well, then I AM impressed : ) I got a cheapie Fuji ($103) this year at Walmart's year-end sale table and am enjoying it, but havent yet taken the time to learn all the downloading and stuff, just shooting away right now. Your photos are great, they really make your blog. Thanks!