Monday, April 17, 2006

Don't Waste Those Easter Eggs!

Barbara from Mommylife has collected some great links for using your leftover hard boiled eggs.

Ironically, we don't mind "wasting" our leftovers, perhaps because we use inexpensive eggs all year long. At 60 cents a dozen, fast and furious father-son egg smashing contests are cheap entertainment, indeed.


Mindy said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!! God bless you and yours..xoxo

Lucy said...

Oh, wow, your eggs are very cheap! At the moment I am able to buy some eggs at £1 for ten, but usually it is about £1.50 for 12. But we do use free range eggs only - we always have, no matter how poor we were. Partly welfare - partly taste of the eggs...sadly we can't afford to eat free range chicken. I can't tell you how much our son would enjoy egg smashing games!

Mom2fur said...

Queen, I haven't bought organic eggs in a while but they truly do taste different from regular eggs. They just have a richer flavor.
Now, a pound for ten eggs works out to about what...$2?
Eggs don't last around here with 7 people in my house. I made about 2 dozen and there are 4 left.