Friday, April 28, 2006

Cindy's Porch Meal Planning

Once again I'll direct you to the fabulous resource that is Cindy's Porch. This week she features meal planning ideas, especially about crafting a menu with what's in your pantry and freezer. I tried this last night with a tuna/pimento/cream soup mix concoction over toasted WW English muffins. I have to laugh and thank God for a husband who cheerfully eats anything!


Mom2fur said...

Thanks for the link! This looks like a fun site!

Kristal said...

What a great thing to share. Thanks for the link. As usual, your blog is "stuffed" with good stuff :0)
Have a Blessed Day!

Anonymous said...

Yes - you CAN thank God for a not-picky husband!! I shake my head sometimes as I think about how creative a cook I could be if my husband would only eat ANYTHING... But I love him anyway, limited palate and all. He's just not allowed to pass said-palate on to our son. :)