Monday, April 24, 2006

Cheap DVD Repair

I hate the trend toward disposable electronics. If you can find someone to repair your TV, it's likely to cost more than a newer--and better--model. While the low cost benefits the consumer, the waste is an added burden for our landfills. Today our DVD Home Theater System quit mid-movie. Honestly, I was more concerned with extracting the Netflix DVD inside than with repairing the $65 unit. But as my husband opened the case to pry out the DVD, he noticed a broken filament in one of the fuses. A quick trip to Radio Shack, and our home theater is open for business.
Cost: $2.49 for a four-pack of fuses. And trying not to laugh at my husband while he wears that funny headlamp thing.


Laura Talbert said...

A handy man is good to have around!

I too lament that most things are meant to be thrown away rather than repaired. It just hurts me. Even with a washing machine it can be cheaper to buy a used one than to have one repaired.

Old computers are a regular sight at the trash pickups in my neighborhood, too.

It hurts me, I tell you!

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law was 44 years old when she had my husband, back in 1960, so she definitely came from the generation that wasted nothing. She saved everything that came her way, and did a wonderful job of using all those little bits and scraps, never really wasting anything. I think it is a very sad thing, too, that our culture today is almost nothing BUT a throwaway society. I think that something is lost in the character of our nation when everyone has the mindset that they can always just throw things away and run out and buy a new one. I think that those who are the sellers encourage this dependency, and would, often, rather make a disposable product than a repairable, quality product. And I think, too, that this is why almost every mother in America seems to work and not be in the home; those skills of thriftiness have been lost, and they know no other way of living except to always run out and "buy more".
Good job to your husband for this repair!! Isn't it great to fix something like that for just pennies, and not have to go and buy a new one?!


JavaMama said...

I just wanted to say that you are an inspiration. I was out surfing the net for some frugal ideas and you were one of the first to come to mind. Thank you for sharing your gift of frugality and creativity!

JOYfully in Him,

Leah Spencer said...

When I first saw the picture, I thought you were gonna tell us how to use lemons to repair electronics! Then I rememebered that they're fake... oops. :)

Meredith said...

Leah : )
I'm sure y'all get sick of seeing pictures of the same old table and bowl of lemons...but since the table is the center of my kitchen/living room, it's where most of the action takes place!

Anonymous said...

My DH has a funny headlamp thing too, and he just loves it! Must be a guy thing...

Anonymous said...

My husband repaired our sink faucet last week.

There was a time when we would have gone to HoDepo and bought (charged) a new assembly for $129 and then hired someone to put it in. Now, granted, we spent over 12 hours in the process and that time period included me crumpled in prayer before the gushing sink, struggling with deep feelings of inadequacy and remorse over wasted years/dollars/opportunities. Now, it's humorous and encouraging that even in our 40s, some things are just worth learning; and celebrating over the revelation that a $6 part and the smidge of character it takes to install it a perfectly wonderful celebration. Those of you who have known how to do this all along, I salute you!