Thursday, March 30, 2006

Romertopf Clay Bakers

This is another fun piece of kitchen equipment I've grown to love. It's a clay pot baker made by the German company Romertopf. You soak the pot in cold water before baking.

The moisture absorbed by the clay and a high oven temperature combine to make juicy roasts with little fat. Meat, though tender, doesn't fall apart like it does in a crockpot.

I spot Romertopfs often at yard sales--one of those bulky items that people get rid of when decluttering or moving. The smallest size Romertopf bakers go for about $26, so look for one around the $2 price point, secondhand. Once I saw the gigantic turkey roaster at the Habitat Store. Even I couldn't make room for that one!

Romertopf roast chicken recipe
Decorating for autumn with terra cotta Romertopf

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