Friday, March 31, 2006

Middle TN Habitat Homestores

Ms. Cheap's column today reveals the new Habitat Homestore in Franklin, along with addresses of all the other stores in Middle Tennessee. I'm so glad the concept is spreading, but I wish the prices would drop a bit.

As more retail stores donate goods, the cost of everything--including used items--seems to rise in turn. For instance, the latest price of $10 a gallon for donated paint is excessive, even if it's a top quality brand.

Even though the profits go directly to building homes for the needy, I hoped the Homestores would stay a low-cost resource for all of us who recycle and renovate.


Roberta said...

That's a steep price for paint. Maybe you know this but Home Depot has "oops paint". In our area about $2-$5 for a gallon and I bought a 5 gallon bucket recently for $15. It was top quality premium paint that would have cost me $95 had I picked the color myself and had it mixed. If one can be flexible about color, it's a great bargain.

Mom2fur said...

What these people need to realize is that when something doesn't sell because it's too expensive--that's money they didn't make! Better to sell 5 items rock-bottom than have 1 item sitting on a shelf collecting dust that would have made as much as those 5 items. And considering it's donated, even $2 is pure profit!

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

Exactly. There is a thrift store here that I would love to support, but I could buy new clothes for what they are asking.

Anonymous said...

I find in my area just about all seconed hand stores have been getting quite pricey. It seems they have picked up on the notion that middle class like to shop there now. I can't wait for yard sale season for this very reason!
Danielle F.

Anonymous said...

Our home depot quit selling OOPS paints, also you can no longer return special colors you had mixed for trial, which is where they got their OOPS to sell in the first place. Bad move, I think.