Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Birthday!

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We celebrated my husband's birthday with brunch at a local restaurant and a homemade cheesecake. (Still not as good as the Fran Gare mix!)

Except for the suit we bought at Dillard's super clearance, the rest of the gifts were kind of disappointing. The Advanced Flyfishing Strategies video was, alas, not very advanced--and the belt I bought needed another inch or so in length (ouch).

My son was perhaps the most upset about the plans for his dad's gift: a robot canoe. A frequent refrain in our house these days: Mom, if you would only buy me the supplies I need! The original cardboard model quickly spiralled out of control with fancy additions like wheels, legs, AND propellers--oh, and for Mom, a sink and washing machine.


Unfortunately, my husband's "canoe envelope" is almost full. I'm sure I'll be wishing we had scoured the junkyard for supplies in earnest when it comes time to purchase the real thing!


Anonymous said...

Loved the drawing! As an artist and former high school art teacher, I pronounce him quite advanced, resourceful, and imaginative. Encourage this!!! All our children will not grow up to be artists, but we do want them to be problem solvers and art develops a penchant for this. Also, although SATs are a long way off, research shows that students who participate in good art classes (visual art, dance, music, drama) score higher on the SAT. Don't ask me how this conclusion was reached!

Mom2fur said...

I don't know how the conclusion about the SATs was reached, either, but it makes sense. When a child combines drawing with thinking and planning--he uses both sides of his brain. Brains need exercise, LOL! Your little boy sounds very clever. My son used to design stuff like that--now he's a computer programmer.