Thursday, February 02, 2006

In My Price Book: Organic Food

I love it when the loss leaders at Wild Oats fall within my pricebook guidelines!

This week WO features enough SuperBowl snack ideas (and low prices) to give conventional grocers a run for their money. I will be stocking up on:

  • all-natural chicken meatballs ($1.99/lb, compared to Aldi's beef meatballs at $1.69/lb)
  • organic roasted in-shell peanuts ($1.69/lb, compared to Aldi's everyday $1.50/lb)
  • organic Florida strawberries (2.79/lb., compared to Kroger's nonorganic for $2.69)
  • fresh asparagus (1.99/lb, my lowest recorded price).

Also, Harris-Teeter has a new organic milk, HT Naturals, that beats even Sam's Club for the lowest price at $5.69/gallon.

For more discussion on affordable organics, heck out Chief Executive Mom's new series.


Laura Talbert said...

Goodness sakes alive! $5.69 for a gallon of organic milk? I had no idea. Shocking

Meredith said...

I know, I know. I haven't made the switch to organic milk since I use so much powdered instead. Still, the prices keep falling, bit by bit. The more competition, the better.

CallaLilly said...

We only have one organic store here (Green Life Grocery), which is probably good for my budget. I love to visit Wild Oats when in Nashville or Memphis, but I couldn't get anything perishable as it would never make the trip home. If you go to the Wild Oats by Davis Kidd, that would definitely put my budget in danger. :)

Shannon said...

We're trying to eat more organic, too. Unfortunetly the only place we have to buy it is the smallish section in Kroger. I'm planning on talking to the manager about expanding a little. And thanks for the great link!

Anonymous said...

I buy some organics at Wal-Mart - milk and produce. If your Wal-Mart SuperCenter doesn't carry any organics, ask them! If they can stock these products here, they should be able to stock them at most, if not all, of their stores.