Friday, February 17, 2006

Craigslist Has RSS!

Carrie reminded me about selling things on Craig's List, a free online classified service. I investigated it several months ago, but promptly forgot.

The only reason I ever buy a newspaper is to check the classifieds, anyway! I was thrilled to see each city and category now has its own RSS if you already use Bloglines or another newsreader, you'll know as soon as a new ad is posted.

Now if only I needed that Broyhill writing desk or Ethan Allen breakfast sofa I spotted for $65 today...


Anonymous said...

I found that the only downside to their RSS is that the good stuff disappears before you get the feed, which can update as late as 30 minutes after the update.

Just my 2¢

MommyLydia said...

Yeah... I'd LOVE a glider rocker and they had one here for $50 for sale once (That went up twice!)

...But I can't justify the expense or the space it would take up right now.
Though I have let my husband know when we have our first kid I'd REALLY like to get a glider rocker. (I have sat in my sister's a couple of times an really prefer it to the traditional type. I was even able to sleep sitting up in it when I was having gallbladder problems.

And right now I'm afraid that is going to be even more popular a thing to act up while pregnant.)