Thursday, January 19, 2006

Snow Day!

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Northerners, here's your cue to laugh. They called off school for this?


Anonymous said...

The Boy's school didn't cancel classes, but I think they were about the only school in town that didn't at least delay. The kids had so much fun building snowmen and throwing snowballs while it lasted that I was glad they went.

mothersong said...

Ack! They called off school for that?! :-)

Our weathermen on television consider "measurable snow" to be more than 3 inches.

LynnMarie said...

Thanks for the laugh from someone up in NH. Snow around here has to be either up to the knees of the average mom before they call off school, or it has to be frozen like a skatting rink and the police are telling the towns to shut down. Also if the power is out, school is called off If it doesn't fall under those 3 headings then everyone goes to school. You picture made me smile, thanks.