Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Overheard in the Savannah Goodwill Store...

(I flip through the children's sweaters and watch a trio of preppy college boys discover used clothes.)

Boy 1: What the $#%&! I just bought this Polo sweater with my giftcard last year. It was like $115 dollars, dude, and they have it for $6.

Boy 2: $6? I wish this coat were $6. Do they have layaway here? It sucks that I can't even afford a jacket from the Goodwill. I thought these clothes would be like, free or something.

Boy 3: (imitates Napolean Dynamite) $6? Gaaa-uh.

Boy 1: Dude, they don't have layaway here. Just come back on Sunday when the clothes are half-price and buy it then.

Boy 2: Cool. I really like it.

Thrift stores: Not just good shopping--good entertainment, too.


Monica Wilkinson said...

Was this Goodwill worth my 45 minute drive to Savannah? I've thought of checking it out since our Goodwill is not worth visiting. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it!

Dawn said...

That was funny.

Marie said...

I have found that the clothes at Salvation Army (used) are sometimes more expensive than the clothes at Walmart (new).

That said I always go to Salvation Army first for our clothing needs.

Meredith said...

Yes, you do have to pick and choose carefully--I hate to find the Walmart brands marked $6 and up, but, oh, the thrill when you find something unique on half price day. I almost never shop Goodwill at home because they consider themselves regular retail by now!

Homespunheart, I didn't know you were so close to Savannah! Unfortunately, I don't think this one was worth driving to. It was the Goodwill on Wilmington Island, located within walking distance of my grandma-in-law's new condo. I had zipped over while they took naps to see if they had any lamps for the new place. You know there's not much when *I* walk out emptyhanded!

Kathryn said...

I sometimes shop Goodwill/Salvation Army if I have something specific that I'm looking for...I found great maternity clothes at a posh Goodwill in Pineville, NC...(a ritzy suburb of Charlotte) of the last times I visited my sister. ...but I mainly yard goal is to do all my Christmas shopping at yard sales this year.

Monica Wilkinson said...

In some defense of Goodwill, the stores in Colorado Springs are so great! They have great selection and the prices are much more in line with a thrift store. Plus, each day they select two tag colors to put on sale. One is 50% off and one is 30% off. Thrift stores in the South - now that is a different story.

Meredith said...

You're right--thrift stores are best rated, city by city. I've lived in Nashville during the transformation of Goodwill from old-timey thrift store to mega-retail chain advertised on TV and radio. Unfortunately, I'm just not their "target market" anymore :)